Now is exciting.
Yes, the planet is in need of intensive care, and this is beyond daunting — but we’re motivated optimists. Companies & customers are better equipped than ever to partner in economies of equity and ecological integrity. Sustainability has moved from the periphery to the very heart of customer-centricity, highlighting opportunities for collective action.

Standard Deviation works at the intersection of customer-centricity and sustainable transformation. We launch ventures on our own, and in collaboration with people and organizations we trust, to demonstrate and scale experiences that are both exciting for people and good for our planet.

For the past decade, we’ve worked closely with leaders to inspire, build and share the future of their organizations. From Fortune 500’s to startups, and for-profits to leading NGOs, we’ve worked as consultants, mentors and board members to help executive teams drive change, launch new products and build resonant experiences.

Today, we’d love to hear from you if:

Your organization is ready to progress to more sustainable values and models, and you’d like support in taking action.
Your organization is rooted in sustainability, and you’d like to grow, enter new markets or segments and reach a broader audience.
You have an idea or a project that could move the needle and are looking for partners to bring it to life.

We are business strategists with roots in entrepreneurship, organizational change and marketing. We are international in our outlook, spanning geographies and cultures. We live between San Francisco and Geneva, and partner around the globe. Like our clients and collaborators, we continually seek to align our work with our convictions. Please send us a note here, we look forward to being in touch.

Green-Launching: 7 principles to connect Growth & Sustainability

This Earth day, we wanted to inspire more businesses to 'Green Launch’ and are releasing a toolkit to help entrepreneurs think of sustainability as a driver for growth rather than a complex nice-to-have.